Ever wondered why one house sells within days and another stays on the market for    months? In today’s property market, far too many sellers watch prospective buyers trot through their homes without making any offer. To avoid this frustration, you must learn the secret of making your home more saleable. To get the rewards of a quick sale, a Seller must be willing to invest time, imagination and old-fashioned elbow grease. Selling your home can be enjoyable and profitable experience, if you just comply with these useful hints:

• Paint In/ Outside and roof if necessary – keep to neutral colours.
• Cracks – buyer’s become wary at the sight of any cracks. Repair all surface cracks with polly-  filla before painting. However, cracks of a serious nature must not be hidden as expect repairs are needed. These must be disclosed to your purchaser – in writing.
• Ensure that there are not roof leaks.
• Make sure garden is well maintained.
• Re-arrange your storage and clean up your garage.
• Ensure that your swimming pool is sparkling.
• Repair shabby fascias, gutters and down-pipes, Replace or paint.
• Steam clean all carpets/ re-vanish/ oil all woodwork in and outside.
• Ensure all windows are clean. Repair any cracked or broken windows


• The agent has the incentive to devote more time on his/ her sole mandates.
• Your sole agent accepts responsibility for feedback and follow-up w.r.t. the marketing of your home.
• Your sole agent will screen all buyers carefully.
• You, as Seller will not need to be concerned about commission disputes, as buyers will not see the same house with two or more different agents.
• Your sole agent is able to advertise more wisely and extensively.
• It is possible to establish the necessary confidence and good rapport between agent and seller. • You, as seller will receive 100% effort and commitment on the part of the agent, as the agent is far more likely to conclude a sale and earn commission.
• You will enjoy fewer hassles, fewer interruptions and less disruption of your lifestyle.
• You will receive more protection and privacy w.r.t. confidential information regarding your personal/ financial circumstances with one agent than with many.
• Your sole agent will ensure that he/ she understands your specific terms and conditio

(i.e. more than one agency appointed)

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Nobody is ACCOUNTABLE to you for the sale.
• Establishes competition between agents, rather than between buyers.
• Too many agents “cheapen” the house, suggesting it may be difficult to sell, thereby lowering its value.
• Agents may feel pressurized to grab a sale at any price, before another agent does. This can lead to biased advice and a lower sale price.
• Conflicting prices, reasons for sale and commissions can frighten off buyers, resulting in a lower sale price.
• “Buy through me and I’ll get it cheaper” syndrome from weaker agents.
• Security. Many people will have access to your home, with no “coordinator” being responsible.
• Ambiguity over effective cause of sale can lead to double commission claims
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